Visuell Dokumentasjon AS

Org. number 920349358

A better life for elderly people living with dementia, this is what the project Minnehjelp360 (Memoryhelp360) wants to achieve.

By using the latest science research about dementia we are trying to tailor-make a video service for individuals.

Through the company Visuell Dokumentasjon AS, the user will get access to a wide range of video clips which will serve specific targets; to help users remember daily routines, to recall memories, or a tool to relax.

By using 360-video from VR goggles, the user can close off disturbances, which makes it difficult for the user to focus. In this universe you might very well relax on the beach, visit a mountain or go virtual shopping for groceries.

Minnehjelp360 can work side-by-side with modern healthcare services where cognitive stimulation is already included. Video and goggles will never replace human interaction, but it might enhance already adapted health care policy.

The project is supported by Innovasjon Norge.

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