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Mer Film is a film production company that was founded in 2011, counting five employees today. Located in Bergen and in the far northern city of Tromsø, our ambition is to develop and produce Norwegian and international art-house films by directors with a personal artistic vision. In 2015 we founded our own distribution company, Mer Filmdistribusjon. We want to bring forward filmmakers who engaged the audience with stories relevant to our time. Lately we have made films like WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY (2017), FROM THE BALCONY (2017), THE TREE FELLER (2016), OUT OF NATURE (2015), HAROLD (2014) and I AM YOURS (2013). We have also collaborated on a number of international co-productions, working with critically celebrated filmmakers such as Carlos Reygadas, Thomas Arslan, Wim Wenders and Amat Escalante.

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