Inspiration Journey: AI for media

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Let us inspire you to make great artificial intelligence.


21. April.

Time: 14:00 - 15:00


The artificial intelligence-hype has surpassed all sensible realism. The prophecies of what AI soon can do mostly resemble caricatured exaggeration with superintelligent systems, jobs disappearing, and a creative industry without editors. Reality is much more impressive.

The truth is that artificial intelligence software feeds on data, usually in interaction with us humans, and becomes enormously powerful tools. We already witness AI-machines that create and detect misinformation, AI-based algorithms that individualize media content far better than any human can do, and AI-driven systems that write text, compose music and video with remarkable precision.

Artificial intelligence brings with it one of the most striking technological changes we have seen in decades. It opens up a fantastic new technological world, which is why we witness novel AI applied in industry after industry, and the media industry is no exception. However, this development does not happen without problems. Did you know that most big tech giants have lost credibility when their poorly trained AI misclassified media content?

There is no secret how to make great working artificial intelligence. The triumphant technology comes with a bit of data and a lot of knowledge.

In this Inspiration Journey, we will be joined by Dr. Morten Goodwin, one of Norway's leading experts on artificial intelligence, who'll delve into how the impressive reality of artificial intelligence today and how you create great AI.

About Dr. Morten Goodwin

Dr. Morten Goodwin is a professor at the University of Agder and deputy director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research. Morten Goodwin was introduced to artificial intelligence when he took a master's degree in Agder in the 2000s, and he has been bitten by the bug ever since. He later went to Denmark to specialize in a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and is now an active researcher with more than 120 peer-reviewed academic articles behind him.

Dr. Goodwin teaches daily about artificial intelligence for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. students. He is also an active popular science communicator who appears regularly on radio and television, focusing on the enormous advances in research and artificial intelligence's practical usefulness. In the autumn of 2020, he published the book "AI. Myten om maskinene"

About Inspiration Journey

The Inspiration Journey: AI Inspire is part of a series of digital events by MediaMotorEurope – the EU funded project helping startups and scaleups develop deep tech solutions to solve today's most prominent media industry challenges and supporting them in building the media solutions of tomorrow. The webinar is hosted by Media City Bergen, the Norwegian media cluster, in the framework of the EU funded project MediaMotorEurope.

For more information about MediaMotorEurope, please visit the website.

Who can attend?

This event is free and open for all to attend.

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